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'ello friends :D

So It's I, Casey. Also known as Seph-mun.

I FINALLY created the Aerith account I promised Brooke about 8 years ago...So yeah...Aerith will be coming back to life as soon as I finish reading the story about her being in the lifestream and stuff xD;

Just wanted to let you know she exists.
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D'aww <333

Oh, do you want to take the log where Aerith wakes up, or should Rara? She wants to know x3

Deleted comment

She says you cna have it since she's in every single other one xD!

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I put that i wanted either Zack or Cloud in there XD! Cloud would be better since I think I want to keep a bit more of a serious tone to the log.

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The whole picture was really nice! It's called "VII Miles to Midgar" I believe. You can find it on DevArt if you search 'Aerith'

And yay! i'm excited :D
Can I just say... your icon?

*two thumbs-up* x)))