Zack Fair (taketheshot) wrote in x_nooc_x,
Zack Fair

ECHHH. So yeah, I just realized this morning that I should probably say something again, 'cause even though most of the muns here are on my RL journal's f-list... you all have better things to do with your time than read my blog. :P

After Friday night (morning, if you're in America/Canada/that side of the world) I'll be leeeeeaving on a jet plane, like that song goes. To get settled in university. I don't think this'll affect the Zack-Aeris-Cloud log, since we're just about wrapping up, but the other one... guys, feel free to either drag Zack around or knock him out or like... get him lost in the forest or something. Get creative; have Bahamut eat him if you so wish. Seriously. (Note: he probably tastes of chocolatey marshmallowy... things. And sweat, because it's MANNNNNNNLEH.) But yeah. If you wanna god-mod him, go right ahead. I trust you sexylicious people enough to do it. :D I don't know when I'll be able to get my internet back again (I'm estimating somewhere between a week to two weeks) but er... yeah. Zack'll be gone 'til then. Apologies!

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