Zack Fair (taketheshot) wrote in x_nooc_x,
Zack Fair

Whee, board spam!

Uh... yeah. Everyone who's here already knows me, but WTF-ever. I have too much time on my hands, and it saves me the trouble of introductions when more people join.

:D! I'm Rachel, Zack-mun, and rather annoyed by the fact that Squeenix produced things that have such opposing information about Zack. Like... like his eye color, for example, or even the way he died. (Rachel says: bullet through the skull on a big yellow truck, unless/until Crisis Core finally stops being such a wanktarded cocktease comes out and contradicts me. Yiz. FFVII and its millions of bullets... ugh, I dunno.)

Also... Zack is still dead. Like, ghost dead. Because... because ghosts have more fun, in my opinion. Fear not, though; I know what I'm gonna be doing in regards to his corporeality and all. Yeus. >:}

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